Hi, I’m Mark Tuthill, a multi-award winning Creative Director, Copywriter and published writer.

T: (+353) 86 284 8551

  • My industrial chic is a design classic, although my harmonious symmetry is rarely admired due to my ubiquitous nature. But come the end of the world you’ll appreciate me. After all, I might well be the only post-apocalyptic saviour you’ve got. What am I? Click to reveal

    Photograph by Mike O’Toole

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  • Kids hate me. Hipsters adore me. And millions would be lost without me. That’s because I defy the physical limitations of the human body. I can be your entire persona, even your trademark signature. Don’t believe me? Just ask Allan Konigsberg. What am I? Click to reveal

    Photograph by Simon Burch

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  • Those fabric shoulders will never sag on my watch. No crumpled heaps on bedroom floors when I'm around. And you should know I had nothing whatsoever to do with those car thefts. I swear. What am I? Click to reveal

    Photograph by Liam Murphy

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