Hi, I’m Mark Tuthill. As it says below, I’m creative, and mainly with words. I’ve worked in many of Ireland’s most creative ad agencies, been Creative Director of a groundbreaking digital agency, written stories, films and many a tagline. Please feel free to get in touch.

T: (+353) 86 284 8551

  • My industrial chic is a design classic, although my harmonious symmetry is rarely admired due to my ubiquitous nature. But come the end of the world you’ll appreciate me. After all, I might well be the only post-apocalyptic saviour you’ve got. What am I? Click to reveal

    Photograph by Mike O’Toole

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  • Kids hate me. Hipsters adore me. And millions would be lost without me. That’s because I defy the physical limitations of the human body. I can be your entire persona, even your trademark signature. Don’t believe me? Just ask Allan Konigsberg. What am I? Click to reveal

    Photograph by Simon Burch

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  • I’m the star of a timeless fairytale, a beautiful obsession, and believed by many to be the only true signifier of wealth. And while my weakness for the flamboyant has been well documented, my natural instinct is to be practically minded. What am I?
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    Illustration by Steve Doogan

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